It's that time of year when the hours of daylight increase and the warmth of the sun beats in through the windows!  Many of us can relate to those times when guests arrive at our homes, and suddenly the light shines in, showcasing every streak and spot that may have been missed. Embarrassing moments or a conversation item - no matter how you look at it streaked dirty windows are a nuisance. Here are a few tips on how to keep those interior windows sparkling clean:

  • Clean dirty window tracks with a vacuum attachment. If that does not remove all debris, an old toothbrush will work for most jobs.
  • Use a window-washing squeegee with a smoother, rubber edge. Dry a 1-inch strep at the side or top of each window and always start your squeegee there. Streaks can be avoided by starting the squeegee on dry glass. Remove any water remaining on edge of glass with a mildly damp chamois. Dry windowsills with rags. 
  • Evenings or cloudy days are the best times for window washing.  Avoid cleaning windows in the direct sunlight.
  • Newspaper can be a suitable replacement for paper towel or rags depending on the ink used, however you must avoid using the color sections. 
  • Nicotine film is difficult to remove from windows exposed to second hand smoke. Now is a good time to quit smoking, or at least take it outside!
  • Vinegar or lemon juice can provide natural options for chemical-free cleaning. Mix one part white vinegar with one part hot water, or spray the lemon juice direct.
  • Changing out furnace and heating/cooling system filters is helpful to avoid build up from airborne particles.

What are your tips and tricks for cleaning windows?  Please share below!



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