Having a home gym can be very important for the avid fitness buff, as well as for those who simply can't find the time to make it to the commercial gym. Several factors play a role in making this happen, most often starting with having the desired space in an area that works.

Imagine if this was your view from your workout room. How hard would that be to stay motivated if you could look out at green gardens, or perhaps a view of the ocean? Somehow that urge to watch television while you ride the exercise bike might disappear, and the urge to play calming or energizing music may take priority. Continue reading below for tips on how to make your home workout room work for you.

Comox Valley Garden View Home Gym

  1. Create Your Own Space. It's hard to be motivated if you are interrupted continuously through your workout. For some people, they simply need privacy to be able to let loose and get sweaty. If you are paying attention to reps and weights, it can be frustrating to have to stop mid way through a set with distractions. Likewise, someone seeking peace may not enjoy taking off the headphones to engage in conversation while working cardio.
  2. Hang the clothes elsewhere. Your fitness room is not a laundry room. Even if you are working with limited space in your home, it's important to find alternate places for your clothing to dry. With careful planning you should be able to keep your fitness area free from clutter that will take away from the mood of fitness. It would not be appealing to work out in a gym if there were clothes everywhere, and the same goes for your home.
  3. Pump up the Music!  If your home situation and house size permits, having wireless speakers or built in surround sound can be super motivating, particularly when you need a little boost.  Some parents have mentioned that the home gym becomes a necessity because they are on their own with children.  In this case, depending on the age of the children, a simple renovation such as a glass insert may be enough to allow you room to have your workout without losing sight of what is going on in the next room.
  4. Take advantage of window views.  If you have the good fortune of looking out the window at the ocean, or a beautiful back yard, make sure you enjoy it!  Having your back to the window can make you feel more closed in, and perhaps less likely to want to work out.

Let us know your tips on how to create a home gym environment that works for you!  Share your thoughts below! 

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