Winter Scene with Girl at HomeThinking of selling your Comox Valley home during the winter?  Perhaps you've found a new home that suits your needs, you have a winter job relocation, or maybe life circumstances have you moving in a new direction. Some people prefer to sell in summer, however there are advantages to also selling in the winter.  During a time when there is typically less inventory coming on the market, you may be able to put your home in the spotlight.  Just as much as you are contemplating a winter move, so are other buyers. Now is as good a time as any to put your best foot forward!  Here are some tips for how to showcase your home in the best light during winter months.  If you have any additional ideas, we welcome your input.  Please leave a comment below!

  • Curb appeal is your buyer's invitation. Fall is over, and it's now time to remove those empty planters, used flower pots and old gardens nets that help plants upright during the summer. Items that are for disposal should not be piled by the house, and summer items that will be used again can neatly go in the shed.
  • Clear the walkways.  Whether it is leaves from that have blown in during the fall storms, or a fresh layer of snow, you don`t want a potential buyer to turn around for fear of falling. For someone with a walker or other mobility aid, it might be the difference in proceeding through to your front door. 
  • Light and bright - day and night!  Open window coverings during the day, and turn on lights at all times.  Brighten up dark rooms by adding additional floor laps or spotlights.
  • Keep it warm.  Now is not the time to worry about that extra degree on the thermostat.  A buyer with cold feet may literally get "cold feet".  Check exterior doors for correct seals and weatherstripping - it's amazing how much a proper seal can make on a rainy, winter day.
  • Clear away clutter.  Clutter makes a room look smaller, and can take away any room the buyer might have to imagine how their belongings might fit.  Place extra kitchen appliances (bread machines, blenders etc.) in pantry cupboards, and file away the standard paper pile that seems to accumulate on the kitchen counter.  
  • Pets are family too.  Outdoor pets often become indoor pets in the winter, resulting in an increase in pet hair, dander and sometimes those nasty little "extras" that shouldn't happen on the carpet.  Vacuum regularly, and be sure to have a solution to clean up any pet messes that may occur.  Most buyers and their agents are not comfortable viewing a home with a loose dog inside, therefore it's a good idea to remove the pet during showings or have a kennel in place. 
  • Service heating sources.  Furnaces, woodstoves, gas fireplaces and other heating sources should have regular inspections and maintenance by certified professionals.  Keep a copy of the receipts for the buyers to see.  It not only gives you peace of mind that everything should run fine, it also helps the buyer see that you are a responsible homeowner who attends to preventative maintenance.
  • Avoid strong scents.  Air fresheners are great, but can present problems for people with perfume sensitivities.  The good new is we live in the Comox Valley, and our winters are mild enough to allow for opening windows pretty much year round. 
  • Butt Out!  Smoking inside is a thing of the past, and it`s not our goal to give you a lecture about healthy living.  Many non-smokers simply can`t stand the smell of second hand smoke, and their noses will pick up on odors that smokers have become accustomed to.  Plain and simple - don`t smoke in the house.  Go outside, and keep those used cigarette buts in a covered tin.   If you used to smoke in the house but have stopped in order to sell your home, a good cleaning of carpets, furniture and window coverings will help. 
  • Cosmetic touch ups.  Re-caulk tubs, sinks and showers if needed.  Clean dingy grout.  A fresh touch of paint, even on closet doors and baseboard can make a difference.  
  • Make it visually appealing.  Cleaning is a priority. Wipe out the kitchen and bathroom sinks and polish the faucets.  Make the beds and pick up any laundry that may be on the floor.  Have a last look at the tub, toilets etc before you show the house.  Wash or add some polish to your floors.  Your buyer needs to know that if they move in, it`s hygienically a good place to be.  If they are grossed out by something that is a simple oversight, it could result in a lost sale.

If you would like to sell your home in the Comox Valley, please CONTACT the Bryce Hansen Team today.   You are welcome to share your tips by commenting below - our readers will appreciate it.


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