Pink Shirt Day 2018 is here, and at the Bryce Hansen Team Office we take bullying very serious. There is no room for bullying in an office environment, or any other place.

It's amazing how a simple act of kindness can make a difference in the day of a co-worker.  Imagine that you are working at your desk, and suddenly your co-worker announces that she is going to see her favorite barista for a hard earned cup of Joe. Your co-worker takes an extra minute to ensure that everyone working in the office is included when being asked if they would like a coffee. Yes, it is good manners, but it also keeps everyone feeling like they are part of the same team.  It would be terrible if the same 2 co-workers brought coffee for everyone but excluded another.  For the extra minute it takes to include everyone, it can mean the world of difference in someone's day.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work.  Imagine this scenario: you are trying to accomplish something on the computer, and a function that you have used previously is suddenly not working. You can't recall what you did last time, and your online resources are not helping. You ask for help. If a co-worker made fun of you, or made issue of the fact that this is something you should have known, you would feel humiliated and your self-confidence would be lowered. The best solution would be if your co-worker simply came and helped, and let you know that they too sometimes need a bit of help too. It's a win-win for everyone. The team is stronger through cohesive productivity, team members feel valued and respected and knowledge shared with others can only benefit the team. 

Clients also have a right to a bully-free environment. Cultural diversity deserves respect.  Everyone comes from different backgrounds, and brings different life experiences to the table. Whether a first time homebuyer, or a seasoned homeowner, not everyone will be familiar with how a mortgage works, real estate terminology or how to deal with home maintenance. At the Bryce Hansen Team office, our goal is to make everyone feel comfortable, regardless of socio-economic background.

On this Pink Shirt Day 2018, we ask our friends, neighbours, colleagues and clients to remember that we all have a place in the eradication of bullying. Engaging in gossip, repeating stories that have no value to us at someone else's expense, making fun of those less fortunate, exclusion based on social status and making excessive demands of those we work with, care for and love simply should not happen.  Pay it forward - smiles come in all languages.

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