Pets are part of the family. Ask any pet owner if Fido sleeps on the bed, and chances are the dog either sleeps on the bed, beside the bed or has his own bed. Including a pet in our home provides comfort, companionship, laughter and yes...sometimes chaos.

Now we don't want to stereotype all dogs as being chewers, or all cats as being sprayers - after all, just like people, all pets have different personalities and sometimes how they are raised can influence how they treat your property.  We also recognize sometimes no matter what you do, your beloved pet will have a mind of its own, and a safe environment can make the difference for your sanity as well as the longevity of your hard earned investment.

What To Do About Pet Stains

Accidents happen, and for some pets it is more often than others. It is crucial to clean up pet stains as thoroughly and quickly as possible. The smell can linger, and sometimes your pet will smell it and come back and do it again in the same spot. Cleaning products made especially for pets stains typically contain special enzymes that react to bacteria in urine. Absorbent cleaning pads may lift up the moisture better than high-end paper towels. If you are thinking of replacing your carpet or flooring, be sure to talk to your contractor or supplier about what is most compatible with pets. 

Outdoor Pens Can Help

Outdoor pens are a great solution to keeping animal feces in one area. Many dogs can be trained to do their business in a certain area of the yard. Recently, a homeowner shared a story with us about using a high-powered weed trimmer and ended up wear splattered dog excrement after hitting a pile of grass that had become Fido's favorite spot. Not only was it a frustration for the homeowner, but this could have resulted in a smelly yard if the little nuggets had been left unseen under the long grass. 

Reduce Slippery Surfaces

Slippery surfaces can occur with polished tiles or planks. Older dogs and cats can be more vulnerable to slipping. To prevent injury and provide comfort you may wish to add area rugs or rubber mats.

Although durable, hardwood floors can be prone to scratches and dents from pets. Keep your pet's nails trimmed regularly and try to keep toys and pet beds in another room. Carpets, on the other hand, can provide warmth and comfort for pets. It provides a non-slip surface and offers many options for pets to lay back and nap. If you're worried about pets staining the carpet, choose stain-resistant low-pile carpeting and be sure to install a moisture-resistant pad to help protect the floor underneath.

Add Pet-Friendly Furniture

Leather furniture looks wonderful and is easy to clean.  It can also be punctured by your pet's claws.  Training your pets to stay off furniture can be done. A great alternative is to have a pet bed or a special chair that your pet is trained to sit on. 

Try To Avoid Long Drapes

Long drapes that hang on the floor can pick up pet hair and debris. It may simply be easier to choose easy to clean blinds and window treatments.

Remember if you are trying to sell your home, keep your pets out of the home during showings or in a kennel.  It will be easier to keep an interested buyer in the room if they are not driven away by a loose pet in the home.

What are your tips for making your home pet-friendly?  Please share below - we'd love to hear from you!


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