The Comox Valley is getting a lot of attention from interested homebuyers. This community is one of the hottest in the region for many reasons. It is a growing community with modern amenities and fantastic access to the outdoors. It is also an ideal area for those who are looking for a higher quality of life that is still close enough to the big city. Is this the area that is just right for you? The Comox Valley Region includes the Town of Comox, the city of Courtenay, the Village of Cumberland, as well as many other smaller regions and neighbourhoods. Finding the right place to buy a home can be a hard decision to make.

Determine What You Need

Before you decide to buy a home in Comox Valley, the first step you will need to take is to determine the…

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Located in South Courtenay, The Ridge is a Comox Valley new construction community featuring breathtaking ocean and mountain views. The community will consist primarily of single-family homes, with up to a total of roughly 300 properties that will eventually be available. Among the single-family residences, buyers will find bungalows, duplexes, and patio homes to be available as well. If you are thinking of building a custom home in the Comox Valley region, this community may be perfect for you.

The Ridge, New Community in Comox Valley, BC

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Phase one of development at The Ridge consists of construction of 69 single-family homes. Of this initial build-out, nearly 50% of the homes are already sold. The community exudes a relaxing, rural feeling, but features…

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Located in the heart of British Columbia, the Comox Valley is one of the most naturally beautiful regions in the area. It is growing, too. Over 63,000 residents call the region home, and the area itself spans over 2425 square kilometres. The scenery, accessibility, and amenities have made it a popular tourism destination, and the Valley offers a wide range of opportunities for those looking to find home here. But why should you choose to live here? What makes the Comox Valley region the right location for your family’s next home?

Choosing the Right Comox Valley Community

The Comox Valley is a large area with smaller communities and neighbourhoods throughout. The main communities in the region are Courtenay, Comox, and Cumberland. There are several…

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The Comox Valley is a fantastic place to call home. Just ask any of the people who have recently purchased homes in this beautiful area! (Don’t know any? Let us put you in touch!). Our region is large with numerous small communities dotting the landscape, allowing for everyone who is considering buying a home here to find what they want and need. From a large, custom built home on an acreage, to that quiet cabin in the heart of a wooded area – the Comox Valley has got it all!

Why People Say They Buy Here

The Comox Valley region is one of the few areas on Vancouver Island for those who truly want to step away from the big city life and spend more time enjoying nature, outdoor recreation, and a more independent lifestyle. With that in mind however,…

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The community of Comox, which is located in the Comox Valley Regional District on a small peninsula along the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, is truly a treasure when it comes to British Columbia real estate. This a relatively small community, like many of those located in this region. It is home to about 13,000 people, and offers many of the benefits and amenities that are expected from modern culture, all while maintaining its beautiful outdoor areas and small town feel. As you take the various places to live in Comox Valley Regional District into consideration, the town of Comox should not be overlooked. Spend some time getting to know this area, as it has a lot to offer, even to today’s most demanding of home buyers.

What to Expect in Comox

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Are you thinking about selling your home in the Comox Valley? If you own a home here, you likely know that there is a strong demand for property from homebuyers, especially in certain areas. Whether you are staying here in the region, or you are planning to move some distance away, you know the Comox Valley is a competitive market! To ensure the successful sale of your home, it is important to work with a local real estate expert; one who knows the area well, and who can help you understand and navigate through this market. 

Is Now the Time to Sell in the Comox Valley?

The most common question many people have is when should they list their home for sale. Homes sell in this area throughout the year. Listing your home now can help you to take…

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Like much of B.C.'s real estate market, the Comox Valley is seeing a significant trend in increased home prices. If you are looking to buy a home in the Comox Valley, consider that the longer you wait, the more expensive your purchase will be, and the less equity you will stand to gain. Despite increasing prices, good purchasing opportunities exist and there is the potential that investing now will provide you with the opportunity to see equity build in your home quickly. What should you know about buying a home in today’s seller’s market?

Trends in Comox Valley Real Estate

The Vancouver Island Real Estate Board has some clear indications of what’s happening in this market. In August 2016, the benchmark price of a home in the Comox Valley was…

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Black Creek is a beautiful community located along the eastern region of Vancouver Island, approximately 16km north from Courtenay. Known as an agricultural rural bedroom community to Courtenay and Campbell River, Black Creek is a close-knit community and has much to offer to today’s home buyer. If you are planning to buy a home in Black Creek or the surrounding communities, there are a few things you need to know. 

What Can You Expect in Black Creek?

This community remains an agricultural region. As we mentioned above, it's considered a bedroom community to Courtenay and Campbell River, both about 20 kilometres to the north. As a part of the Comox Valley region, Black Creek is exceptional for those looking for a place to purchase an affordable home…

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Vancouver Island real estate is very attractive for many reasons. For those individuals looking to buy a home here, the good news is there are many areas with exceptional options. Considered an attractive yet affordable option by many looking to relocate to the island, the Comox Valley is a spacious, expansive area with a number of smaller communities. Depending on what type of area you are looking to live in, you’ll find several options available here. Options include rural living, as well as oceanfront properties - and you may even find a mountainside home! 

 What You’ll Love About the Comox Valley

Comox is a vibrant area with a good amount of amenities and home options to select from, and is considered a wonderful place to raise your family.…

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 We’re in the business of selling the beautiful Comox Valley.

Of course, this is usually in the form of real estate (check out our latest residential and commercial listings here), but that picture wouldn’t be complete without sharing some of what makes the Comox Valley a truly exceptional place to call home, including stunning natural surroundings and things to do aplenty.

A vibrant seaside region on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, Comox Valley might be one of the Island’s best-kept secrets. Surrounded by natural beauty, living here means you’re perfectly positioned for a fantastic range of outdoor recreational activities all year long.

Today, we’re sharing with you just a few…

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