We're living in strange times, with most of us currently sitting at home twiddling our thumbs in self-isolation. Luckily, with the change of the seasons here in the Comox Valley, it's the perfect time to spend ur days in self-isolation to Spring clean our homes! Spring cleaning is a great time to review closets, garages, and storage rooms; donating any items no longer serving purpose in your home. Take some of your newly found time at home to get your property in a sparkling state with these areas of focus:

The House as a Whole
Pick a room and get down to business cleaning baseboards, windowsills, doors and windows. This is a great time to dust from the top of a room to the bottom, ensuring you're eliminating any potential dust allergens. If you're…

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Gearing up to purchase real estate is an exciting time. You’ll spend time reviewing the active listings on Realtor.ca to establish which home features are most important to you and decide an appropriate budget that allows you to maintain your favourite hobbies and lifestyle after the big purchase. The real estate industry is always changing, as are the potential fees and rebates that you may be eligible for when purchasing a property. Though each transaction comes with its own unique circumstances, there are some common costs associated with making a real estate purchase. We’ve detailed the top 7 most common real estate costs here: 


Real Estate Offer Deposit
A deposit is a monetary “good faith” that is required by the buyer upon a successful (or…

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Navigating the ever-changing mortgage market can feel overwhelming at times. As you’re on this journey to homeownership it’s important to ensure you have trusted professionals working for you. Once you’ve connected with your chosen Realtor® it’s time to start the mortgage pre-approval process. Here are some key terms and first steps to get you started on your path to real estate purchasing success.


Choosing a Lender
Establish your affordability by meeting with your favourite Comox Valley mortgage professional prior to beginning your house hunt. Compare your mortgage options by researching lenders, local banks and mortgage brokers to see the products, rates and terms that are available to you.

A pre-approval will help you to establish your own…

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