A glistening blanket of snow will soon be upon the Comox Valley; and with those long-lost low temperatures returning, we can quickly fall victim to increased utility bills. Running the furnace, lazing by the gas fireplace and dark setting in earlier all contribute to higher monthly utility costs. What better time to lend these tips to save on not only on your winter heating, but on your monthly utility costs as a whole? 


Programable Thermostat

Is there any better feeling than hitting the ground running in the morning on a warm floor and returning from a hard day’s work to a cozy home to boot? Keeping comfortable temperatures while you are home is a must; but while you venture out for the day, set your baseline temperature a few degrees lower.…

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The road to first-time homeownership is an eventful journey during which you’ll want to have the best professionals in your corner; a lawyer, a home inspector and your trusted Comox Valley Real Estate agent, Bryce Hansen. As a new homebuyer, you’ll likely have many questions about the purchasing process. We’ve put together a few preliminary things to consider before embarking on purchasing your first property.


Mortgage Pre-Approval

Establish your affordability by meeting with your mortgage professional prior to beginning the shopping process. A pre-approval will help you to establish your purchasing budget, down payment figures, and what basic monthly homeownership obligations will cost. Be sure to ask your mortgage broker the details of your…

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