Jade Hansen, Social Media

Jade Hansen is the Creative Force Behind The Bryce Hansen Team's Social Media Success.

In the fast-paced world of real estate, a compelling online presence is key. At The Bryce Hansen Team, Jade Hansen plays a vital role as the person behind the scenes responsible for our exceptional social media presence.

After graduating from high school, Jade wasted no time in pursuing her passion for real estate. Recognizing the importance of marketing in the industry, she decided to obtain a marketing degree to hone her skills and knowledge. Equipped with a solid foundation, she embarked on her journey, ready to make a difference in the real estate market. Jade's dedication to learning and her desire to combine her creative talents with her love for real estate truly set her apart from her peers.

Jade's marketing degree provides her with the expertise to strategically craft engaging and visually appealing content for our social media platforms. Her keen eye for aesthetics and understanding of target markets allow her to curate content that resonates with our audience. Through her innovative approach, Jade has successfully transformed our social media channels into powerful marketing tools, bringing attention and visibility to The Bryce Hansen Team and the properties we represent.

Jade is a true asset to The Bryce Hansen Team and a key player in our ongoing success.

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