Questions Every Seller Should Ask Their Agent

As you interview agents to sell your home, ensure you ask them the following questions:

  • What important factors are there to consider when selling?
  • Home much is my home worth?
  • What is the difference between advertising a home and marketing it?
  • Do you require a pre-inspection and that my home be staged before I sell? If not, why?
  • What aspects of your home marketing strategies will affect the selling price and time my home will be on the market?
  • What different departments of your business work to help sell my home?
  • How will your team handle my listing from day 1 until the day it closes?
  • What is your experience? Describe your familiarity with the current market inventory and tell me about your recent listings.
  • What is your negotiation strategy? How can I be sure you will negotiate from a position of authority?
  • How will you attract qualified buyers as well as co-op agents to encourage them to show our home?