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Contrary to popular belief, as the buyer in a real estate transaction, you do not actually pay a real estate sales representative’s commission. The real estate agent actually earns a percentage of the brokerage commission, which is laid out in the purchase contract and is calculated from the price of the house. This commission is paid for by the person who is listing their home for sale. Essentially, you get the support and knowledge of a buyer representative for free – which is a great reason to utilize a REALTOR® when you’re looking to invest in Comox Valley real estate.

If the aspect of their professional services being free to you as a buyer isn’t enough to influence your decision single-handedly, here are five more reasons a real estate…

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How are you spending your time in the beautiful Comox Valley during the days of social distancing? Have you taken some time to spring clean the house, catch up on your favourite Netflix shows or even try your hand at an old hobby? The ever-changing circumstances have limited the operations of many businesses, leaving some people without revenue while others navigate a significantly reduced income lifestyle. As we walk this new norm as a community, we’ve compiled 5 simple, yet effective ways to reduce your expenses in 2020:

Shopping Lists and Meal Plans
During the days of COVID19, we’re more aware of the number of times we’re heading out in Courtenay to shop at stores like Costco and the grocery store. Pre-planning what you need for meals and snacks…

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We're living in strange times, with most of us currently sitting at home twiddling our thumbs in self-isolation. Luckily, with the change of the seasons here in the Comox Valley, it's the perfect time to spend ur days in self-isolation to Spring clean our homes! Spring cleaning is a great time to review closets, garages, and storage rooms; donating any items no longer serving purpose in your home. Take some of your newly found time at home to get your property in a sparkling state with these areas of focus:

The House as a Whole
Pick a room and get down to business cleaning baseboards, windowsills, doors and windows. This is a great time to dust from the top of a room to the bottom, ensuring you're eliminating any potential dust allergens. If you're…

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Navigating the ever-changing mortgage market can feel overwhelming at times. As you’re on this journey to homeownership it’s important to ensure you have trusted professionals working for you. Once you’ve connected with your chosen Realtor® it’s time to start the mortgage pre-approval process. Here are some key terms and first steps to get you started on your path to real estate purchasing success.


Choosing a Lender
Establish your affordability by meeting with your favourite Comox Valley mortgage professional prior to beginning your house hunt. Compare your mortgage options by researching lenders, local banks and mortgage brokers to see the products, rates and terms that are available to you.

A pre-approval will help you to establish your own…

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New year, new mindset; it’s no surprise that January is the most popular month for homeowners to review their monthly costs, making conscious efforts to conserve spending and increase their savings contributions. Many of us have started the year off with a shift in our financial awareness that has us evaluating whether we’re adequately covered and on budget each month. It’s the season for Courtenay real estate owners to review their cable and utility costs, household budgets as well as insurance policy coverages. What better time than now to review your own property insurance policies with your insurer to confirm the details are up-to-date and accurate. 

Depending on your geographical location and the insurance provider you’re insured with, you may be…

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A new decade is upon us, and with it comes excitement and optimism. New opportunity, new goals and the potential for new investments. With all the new year brings, will 2020 be your year to purchase Comox Valley Real Estate?

If a property purchase is on your 2020 goal list, you’ll want to be prepared for all that the home buying adventure throws your way. Hiring professionals in the industry, weighing all the features of a home or neighbourhood and structuring a sound offer for purchase are key factors to navigate during the real estate transaction. With the world wide web at your fingertips, it may be appealing to start your 2020 home hunt alone, but there are many reasons to work with a professional Realtor® to ensure you obtain the property of your…

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Have you been watching the active Comox Valley Real Estate market wondering how you can invest in the current market? While you’re setting yourself up for investment success, your route will depend on some important factors; for starters, how much money do you have to invest, how hands-on would you like to be, and what is your personal risk tolerance? Have a look at 4 popular real estate investing opportunities to see which route may be the best for you.


Buy a Rental Property

Sounds straight-forward enough, right? Rental properties are a great way to create a steady stream of income; with the right tenants and a well-maintained property you could reap the rewards as a landlord for many years. Before you set out on your rental property hunt,…

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Winter Scene with Girl at HomeThinking of selling your Comox Valley home during the winter?  Perhaps you've found a new home that suits your needs, you have a winter job relocation, or maybe life circumstances have you moving in a new direction. Some people prefer to sell in summer, however there are advantages to also selling in the winter.  During a time when there is typically less inventory coming on the market, you may be able to put your home in the spotlight.  Just as much as you are contemplating a winter move, so are other buyers. Now is as good a time as any to put your best foot forward!  Here are some tips for how to showcase your home in the best light during winter months.  If you have any additional ideas, we welcome your input.  Please leave a comment below!

  • Curb…
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Paintbrushes, hammers, screwdrivers and saws, all common tools that you might find in the garage of a homeowner.  Many homeowners thrive on tackling new projects, attending to repairs and planning renovations. For others, it is either not feasible or simply an unwanted task, yet the job needs to be done. Whether you are doing it yourself, or hiring a contractor, there are some renovations that will require a permit.

Comox Valley Home RenovationsGetting a permit in advance not only ensures that you stay in the "good books" with the authorities, it can be helpful when the time comes to sell your home. Consider it an investment in your real estate. Imagine if you spent your hard earned money building a wonderful second dwelling on your property for rental income, only to find out…

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Does this sound like YOUR home?

Spring is in bloom in the Comox Valley! Surely you know what that means – it’s prime Real Estate season. The Comox Valley is no longer Vancouver Island’s best-kept secret, with out-of-town buyers, Canadian military postings, and of course, our local savvy investors. And can you blame them? Our mild climate and stunning natural beauty offers THE unparalleled lifestyle for families, retirees, and young people alike. 

You’ve likely heard in the news that our inventory is low, and we still find ourselves in a very active market, which is only picking up. Properties are being snapped up by savvy buyers (sometimes even before the For Sale sign breaks ground!) and selling for record-breaking prices.

We’re seeing…

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