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If money were no issue...

Close your eyes, and imagine if you could live your life without worrying about money… no bills, savings, car payments, or even your real estate investments to think about or pay for. What would your dream house look like?

Needless to say, we had some fun fantasizing about this around the office! Throwing around ideas, we found a common theme – we all seemed to want luxurious outdoor living spaces! (We think we were influenced by our West Coast climate and breathtaking views).

Here are a couple other ideas that we would include in our home if money were no issue. Hold back the drool!

A “to die for” outdoor kitchen with a built-in pizza oven. No family member will go hungry again!


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Photo: http://evanseguin.com/blog/2008/11/picture-time-forbidden-plateau-leave-it-beautiful/

The Comox Valley is home to a vast amount of hiking, with a lot of variety in terrain and level of difficulty. One of our favorites is the Forbidden Plateau area. This is part of Strathcona Provincial Park, but accessible from Mount Washington. The Forbidden Plateau is quite a beautiful place, with streams, wild flowers and many trails to explore. And for the extreme hikers, these trails can lead to some incredible backcountry hikes, like Mount Albert Edward. 

The main access to Forbidden Plateau is from the Paradise Meadows trailhead. One of the most popular hikes from here is hiking to Circlet Lake. Many hikers will stop and camp here before heading…

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