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Gearing up to purchase real estate is an exciting time. You’ll spend time reviewing the active listings on to establish which home features are most important to you and decide an appropriate budget that allows you to maintain your favourite hobbies and lifestyle after the big purchase. The real estate industry is always changing, as are the potential fees and rebates that you may be eligible for when purchasing a property. Though each transaction comes with its own unique circumstances, there are some common costs associated with making a real estate purchase. We’ve detailed the top 7 most common real estate costs here: 


Real Estate Offer Deposit
A deposit is a monetary “good faith” that is required by the buyer upon a successful (or

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Navigating the ever-changing mortgage market can feel overwhelming at times. As you’re on this journey to homeownership it’s important to ensure you have trusted professionals working for you. Once you’ve connected with your chosen Realtor® it’s time to start the mortgage pre-approval process. Here are some key terms and first steps to get you started on your path to real estate purchasing success.


Choosing a Lender
Establish your affordability by meeting with your favourite Comox Valley mortgage professional prior to beginning your house hunt. Compare your mortgage options by researching lenders, local banks and mortgage brokers to see the products, rates and terms that are available to you.

A pre-approval will help you to establish your own

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One of the things we love most about living in the Comox Valley is the community mindset and support-local attitude of the amazing people that live here. Like the majority of British Columbia, small business entrepreneurship has been on the rise in the Comox Valley over the last several years. The 2019 Government of BC Small Business Profile showcased that a staggering 61% of the province’s small businesses were operated by self-employed persons with no paid employees. The success of a small businesses weighs on many important factors, most importantly a strong office set-up that promotes productivity and positivity. Many entrepreneurs work solely from home or rely on a streamlined home office to ensure they’re maximizing their work-from-home time.

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No winter lasts forever; don’t let the wet and rainy weather forecast here in the Comox Valley get you down! If you find yourself avoiding time spent outdoors, take advantage of this time of year by utilizing time indoors to make cosmetic updates to your home.

We’re seeing many design trends that were popular in decades passed make their comeback in 2020. These aesthetically appealing enhancements can elevate your property for your own pleasure or can prepare you to take your home to the Spring market.  If you’re looking for some fun and creative ideas to spruce up your Comox Valley home this season, have a look at our top 6 favourite 2020 design inspirations below.


Statement Backsplashes

A fresh backsplash is a great way to polish up

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New year, new mindset; it’s no surprise that January is the most popular month for homeowners to review their monthly costs, making conscious efforts to conserve spending and increase their savings contributions. Many of us have started the year off with a shift in our financial awareness that has us evaluating whether we’re adequately covered and on budget each month. It’s the season for Courtenay real estate owners to review their cable and utility costs, household budgets as well as insurance policy coverages. What better time than now to review your own property insurance policies with your insurer to confirm the details are up-to-date and accurate. 

Depending on your geographical location and the insurance provider you’re insured with, you may be

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A new decade is upon us, and with it comes excitement and optimism. New opportunity, new goals and the potential for new investments. With all the new year brings, will 2020 be your year to purchase Comox Valley Real Estate?

If a property purchase is on your 2020 goal list, you’ll want to be prepared for all that the home buying adventure throws your way. Hiring professionals in the industry, weighing all the features of a home or neighbourhood and structuring a sound offer for purchase are key factors to navigate during the real estate transaction. With the world wide web at your fingertips, it may be appealing to start your 2020 home hunt alone, but there are many reasons to work with a professional Realtor® to ensure you obtain the property of your

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Opening your doors to friends and family during the holiday season will be a ton of fun, but you may find yourself overwhelmed with the thought of organizing all the moving parts of your event. While the holiday season isn’t ideal for major home renovations, we think it’s a great time for a “functionality review” to prepare your house to look and flow it’s best. 

Take the time to focus on the areas you’ll spend the most time in such as the kitchen, living areas and guest spaces. Whether you’ll be hosting for your first time, or as the go-to host space each year, consider our Top 10 Tips for getting your home ready to host for the holidays. 



‘tis the season in the Comox Valley for the very early setting of the sun; greet your

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Have you been watching the active Comox Valley Real Estate market wondering how you can invest in the current market? While you’re setting yourself up for investment success, your route will depend on some important factors; for starters, how much money do you have to invest, how hands-on would you like to be, and what is your personal risk tolerance? Have a look at 4 popular real estate investing opportunities to see which route may be the best for you.


Buy a Rental Property

Sounds straight-forward enough, right? Rental properties are a great way to create a steady stream of income; with the right tenants and a well-maintained property you could reap the rewards as a landlord for many years. Before you set out on your rental property hunt,

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A glistening blanket of snow will soon be upon the Comox Valley; and with those long-lost low temperatures returning, we can quickly fall victim to increased utility bills. Running the furnace, lazing by the gas fireplace and dark setting in earlier all contribute to higher monthly utility costs. What better time to lend these tips to save on not only on your winter heating, but on your monthly utility costs as a whole? 


Programable Thermostat

Is there any better feeling than hitting the ground running in the morning on a warm floor and returning from a hard day’s work to a cozy home to boot? Keeping comfortable temperatures while you are home is a must; but while you venture out for the day, set your baseline temperature a few degrees lower.

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The road to first-time homeownership is an eventful journey during which you’ll want to have the best professionals in your corner; a lawyer, a home inspector and your trusted Comox Valley Real Estate agent, Bryce Hansen. As a new homebuyer, you’ll likely have many questions about the purchasing process. We’ve put together a few preliminary things to consider before embarking on purchasing your first property.


Mortgage Pre-Approval

Establish your affordability by meeting with your mortgage professional prior to beginning the shopping process. A pre-approval will help you to establish your purchasing budget, down payment figures, and what basic monthly homeownership obligations will cost. Be sure to ask your mortgage broker the details of your

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